Founding Partner

My Story

A.A. (Trey) Henderson III

Attorney at Law

I have lived in Texas all of my life growing up in Houston and then attending Bellaire High School.  I got an accounting degree from Baylor University and met my wife there.  After college, I went to the University of Houston Law School and graduated in 1992.

After law school, I had several partnerships and was the managing partner of each firm.  The firms handled civil litigation, employment law and business law.  I focused on representing small to medium size businesses and was always interested in assisting my clients with growing their businesses.  I surrounded myself with great contacts in other fields and my clients have benefited from referrals in almost anything their businesses needed.

In 2007 I became a founding Director of Icon Bank of Texas.  Icon started out as a small 18 million dollar bank and has grown to over 800 million dollar bank with 7 branches.  Sitting on the board has provided me great insight into a multitude of different business models and what makes a business successful.

In 2009, my good friend and law partner Michael Hengst moved to Las Vegas.  At that time, I decided to work from home for several reasons.  I realized that almost all of the work I was doing could be done from home.  I also realized that I was spending over an hour a day commuting when I could be spending the time with family.  Since I made the move I have been happier, more productive and have been able to devote more time to my clients’ needs.

I would love to assist your business in any way I can.  I believe I can provide value to your business beyond simple legal documents.  

You can check out my bio page to check out my credentials.